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Carton Plein

Carton Plein

English DVD

Jocelyne Carton Plein’ s DVD



Designing Cardboard Furniture from A to Z »


 Cardboard Furniture

It is just like magic, to be able to recycle a matérial intended for de garbage bin !Make a piece of cardboard a real ornamental…. A  custom furniture  in forms and in colors

Your imagination is completely free, everything is allowed, and everything is even wished, clean line to the most original shape

Thanks to this movie

you will be trained to create cardboard furniture from A to Z.

Beforehand you will be familiarized with cardboard, beyond its exploitation, you will acquaint its potential to get the best from it. You can reproduce this model as before, with its rights, its curves, its slots, its drawers, but you can also use all the explanations given to make a personal, original, and unique piece of furniture, yours!!!


Thanks to this technique, you will be capable to create all the forms that you wish for your piece of furniture. This technique does not limit the possibilities of forms, dimensions and originality.

The DVD : 29 Euros  


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